Destin8+ is Here

Destin8Plus Stacked White

Destin8+ is now live!

Destin8+ is our new subscription tier – for a flat rate of £4000, this provides Destin8 subscribers with access to all ports served by MCP*. This new offering aims to simplify and streamline user access, allowing freight forwarders, agents, hauliers, cargo brokers, and other users to expand their options and provide services to their customers in the majority of ports around the UK, without incurring extra subscription charges or having to outsource the task to external parties, allowing them to serve their customer base more comprehensively.

Our helpdesk is seeing increased levels of queries in relation to this new subscription tier – we answer some of your most important questions below!


What’s Included?

The Destin8+ subscription offers a range of benefits, including:

  • 1 Destin8+ Badge
  • Access to all 100+ Destin8 Ports**
  • Access to all Destin8 ETSFs
  • 4 Concurrent User IDs


Can we upgrade to Destin8+ if we currently have 1-3 communities?

Absolutely! If you want to take advantage of this opportunity to offer your services in all our port coverage areas, please contact our helpdesk team at or call our office at 01394 600205 for a personalised quote.

Our team will gladly guide you through the differences between your current plan and the new subscription tier.


What happens to our account if we already have more than 4 communities?

For users with more than 4 communities, we have automatically upgraded your subscription to Destin8+, resulting in immediate savings on their subscription and expanded coverage of your Destin8 access.


We’ve just received an email with a new badge – what is this?

If you are among those automatically migrated or if you’ve already chosen to upgrade your access, you should have received an email from us informing you of your new Destin8+ badge, and this will also be available to you in the company log menu when logged into Destin8.

This badge has been configured with a base set of Destin8 ports – additional ports can be added to this badge as and when you need them at no additional cost. Just drop our helpdesk a call.


Our customs processing software provider is asking for credentials – what are they?

The credentials you receive will depend on your software provider.

If your provider uses global credentials for CDS access, your Destin8+ badge should already be configured with your existing credentials. Simply copy these credentials to your software to set up the badge. Please note that our helpdesk does not have access to your CDS password and cannot provide it, please refer to your records as you will have received the username and password at the time of creation.

If your software does not use global credentials and instead requires a 1-2-1 badge to user configuration, you can request your CDS credentials from our helpdesk. They will conduct some security checks and create your new credentials for you.




*Additional Ports will be covered by a single badge code. Transaction and communication charges still apply as per our schedule of charges.
**Port charges still apply. You may need to set up a credit account with the Port you intend to operate in.
†4 Concurrent users are provided as part of the flat rate. Additional users above this will continue to be chargeable at £500.00 per annum.
Posted on Wednesday 3rd April 2024