CIP (16) 32 ToR Consignments - UK Clearance, Approved Depositories and Transit to EU


At the November 2014 meeting the European Commission instructed all the Member States Customs Authorities to strictly implement Article 123 of EC Regulation 1186/2009 from that date onwards.
At the recent April 2016 meeting, all Member States were reminded again to ensure the necessary changes had been made for any customs clearance of ToR consignments, especially those destined for other Member States.

Who should read:  All importers, third-party agents, brokers and logistics specialists involved in ToR (Transfer of Residence) consignments shipped into the UK
What is it about:  Customs clearance of ToR consignments into the UK and for onward delivery under Transit to other Member States
When effective:  1 May 2016 onwards
Extant until/ Expires:  Indefinitely

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Posted on Friday 13th May 2016