CIP (16) 49 CHIEF short term Fallback Arrangements


This Customs Information Paper (CIP) covers how the National Clearance Hub [NCH] will deal with CHIEF short term fallback for both Imports and Exports.
Short term Fallback covers downtime of the CHIEF service of up to 4 hours only.
HMRC will publish the fallback arrangements for system outages of longer than 4 hours duration in due course.
To avoid any unnecessary delays with your entry it is essential you familiarise yourselves and, where applicable, your clients with these arrangements for short term fallback.
HMRC reserves the right to alter these arrangements in specific circumstances.
In the event of short term fallback being invoked it is recommended that, if possible, and your entry is not time critical, you wait until the CHIEF issue is resolved before you submit your entry.
These details will be published in the next round of updates to the UK integrated tariff.

Who should read:  All traders involved in international import and export trade, agents, freight forwarders, maritime and air carriers, Customs Service Providers and software houses.

What is it about:  CHIEF short term Fallback.

When effective:  8 August 2016.

Extant unil/Expires:  Ongoing.


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Posted on Friday 5th August 2016