CIP (17) C117 Authorised Economic Operator Certificate


CIP (17) C117  advises eligible businesses, who are considering applying for AEO status, on changes to the application and auditing processes.

In May 2016 Customs legislation changed and the Union Customs Code (UCC) came into effect, along with a transition period to implement the new requirements. 

These changes had an impact on the number of AEO applications received by HMRC, the audit work necessary to issue an authorisation and the on-going maintenance of the authorisations. 

To enable HMRC to manage the expected increases now and in the future, to process applications and issue decisions within the legal timelines, it will be necessary to alter some of the current activities being undertaken by the AEO Central Site (AEOCS) and the AEO auditors.

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Posted on Thursday 7th January 2021