CIP (14) 75 Revised Guidance on the processes for Community common transit and export procedures


Who should read: Anyone involved in the indirect export or re-export of excise or non-excise goods in free circulation to or through a common transit country (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, Turkey); Goods not in free circulation (including CPEI goods) where the goods are also placed into the Community/common transit procedure. This CIP must be read in conjunction with the Excise Information Sheet (14) 02

What is it about: A change in the current process where the transit procedure follows the export procedure and significant implications for exporters/declarants, transit principals and excise warehouse keepers.   

When effective: Immediate  

Extant until/ Expires: Until further notice

Further information and a copy of the CIP is available by clicking here.

Posted on Friday 14th November 2014