CIP (16) 47 Status of Extra Territorial Offices of Exchange (ETOES) and the UK Universal Service Provider (USP)


This CIP is issued in response to requests to clarify the status (and approved activities) of Extra Territorial Offices of Exchange (ETOES) operating within the UK.
Based on legal advice obtained, it is concluded that the UPU forms CN22 and CN23 (used in place of a formal customs declaration) may be used only by the Universal Service Provider (Royal Mail Group) in the UK and not by ETOEs operating in the UK.
This applies to both export from and import into the UK by ETOES.
There is one exception to this rule which is for goods carried by ETOEs transiting the UK (that is, not for delivery in the UK). This exception is explained in paragraph 4 below.

Who should read:  ETOES authorised to operate within the UK.
What is it about:  Guidance about the legal status of ETOES within the UK and clarification of the roles of ETOES and the USP (in the UK Royal Mail Group).
When effective:  1 July 2016.
Extant until/Expires:  Ongoing. 

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Posted on Tuesday 2nd August 2016