CDS Exports Guidance - Declarations at Inventory Locations where GVMS is used for Imports


Submitting pre-lodged export declarations for goods exiting via an inventory location where GVMS is used for Imports only

Please see below the latest update from HMRC regarding export declarations in CDS for goods exiting via inventory locations where GVMS is used for Imports.

"Dear Customer,

All export declarations are due to move from our Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system to the Customs Declaration Service (CDS).

Declarants can now start submitting export declarations through CDS for goods being exported via an air inventory linked location or via a GVMS location.

In preparation for CDS Exports Open Migration for maritime Inventory linked locations, HMRC would like to provide guidance for submitting CDS exports pre-lodged declarations for locations that may also operate GVMS for imports only.

It is important to submit your pre-lodged declarations using the correct goods location code. Failure to submit CDS exports pre-lodged declarations with the correct goods location codes may result in your declaration being invalidated upon arrival and will require corrective action to be taken as outlined in the below guidance.

Best practice for Declarant/Exporter

Although the following locations operate inventory linking and GVMS (carrier dependant) for Imports, they do not operate GVMS for Exports. These locations are inventory linking only for Exports. It is therefore important that when you submit a CDS exports pre-lodged declaration, you must use the correct inventory linking goods location code and do not use the GVMS goods location code (ending in “GVM”), otherwise your declaration will be invalidated on arrival.

Port Locations:

 Port LocationBerth Name Code 
 Felixstowe  Dooley Terminal  GBAUFXTFXTFXT
 Harwich  Harwich International Port - Stena Line  GBAUHRWHRHHRW
 Hull  Hull Ferry Terminal 1 - Riuver Berth RoRo  GBAUHULHULHUL
 Killingholme  Killingholme RoRo Berths  GBAUNKHIMMNKH
 Port of Tyne  DFDS - North Shields  GBAUNSHTYNNSH
 Purfleet  Purfleet RoRo Berths  GBAUPFTLONPFT
 Teesport  PD Teesport  GBAUTEEMIDTEE
 Tilbury  Tilbury 2 RoRo Berth  GBAUTILLONTIL

Guidance for Declarants/Exporters

If you have submitted a CDS exports pre-lodged declaration for goods exiting via one of the locations listed above, check your declaration to ensure that you have not used a GVMS goods location code.

If you have used a GVMS goods location, amend the declaration before goods physically arrive at the Port.

If you do not amend the declaration before goods physically arrive at the Port, your declaration will be invalidated upon arrival. In this case, a DMSREJ notification is returned and the inventory system will be updated. We recommend that when you receive a DMSREJ, you should check the status of your declaration using Declaration Interrogation Service (DIS) or Inventory Linking Exports (ILE) query service. SOE 5 will be returned for a declaration invalidated upon arrival.

You will need to:

  1. Submit a new CDS declaration using the same DUCR but with a new LRN if you software allows this
    a. Or, if software does not allow this, submit a new CDS declaration with a new DUCR reference (e.g. add an extra character to the end)

  2. Inform the DEP/carrier and ask for a re-arrival of the same DUCR or arrival of the new DUCR to be sent

NB: If exceptions apply and you have been asked to revert to CHIEF, you will need to use a new DUCR reference in all cases.

Please note: if a CDS arrived export declaration has been submitted with GVMS details and was intended for export via a GVMS arrived location but is then arrived at an inventory linked location, the declaration will not be invalidated on arrival.

If you have any questions, please contact us through the usual channels of communication or via your Account Manager or Customer Compliance Manager, if you have one.

Kind regards,


MCP plc - 26 February 2024

Posted on Monday 26th February 2024